STUNS organisation and operations

The Foundation for Collaboration between the Universities in Uppsala, Business, and the Public Sector – STUNS – was started in 1983 and has pursued operations in the Uppsala region since 1985. STUNS is a politically and organisationally independent foundation. STUNS’ mission is to develop collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, the business community, and public organisations. The purpose is to promote the economic growth and sustainable development of the region.

Governing Board

The STUNS Governing Board consists of leading representatives of the founders or their current counterparts. The Board normally meets four times per year, with the CEO of STUNS reporting. The second Board meeting, usually in May or June, is the Annual Meeting of the Foundation. Business at Board meetings is prepared by STUNS external Directorate. The external Directorate consists of one representative from each founder.


Regular members:

Göran Enander (chairman), Governor, County Administrative Board

Erik Fahlbeck, Pro Vice Chancellor, Swedish University of Agricultural Science

Anders Malmberg, Pro Vice Chancellor, Uppsala University

Stefan Olsson (M), Chair of the County Council, Uppsala County Council

Erik Pelling (S), Chair of the Municipal Council, City of Uppsala

Tomas Stavbom, Regional Director, Uppsala Chamber of Commerce



Andreas Larsson, CEO

Mari Skantz, CFO

Emma Ytterström, Business Development

Lars Johansson, Innovation leader & Managing Director STUNS Sustainable cities

Mikolaj Norek, Project Manager Meeting place & Discussion forum

Daniel Bergquist, Project Manager STUNS Sustainable cities

Sandra Hilbrand, Project Manager STUNS Sustainable cities


STUNS is also the employer of personnel at STUNS Life science and STUNS Energy.