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Collaboration creates new opportunities

STUNS brings together decision-makers on common concerns at the interfaces between universities, business, and the public sector. STUNS eases the way for growth and competitiveness in the Uppsala region through initiatives, activities, and projects in strategic focus areas.

Proactivity and collaboration

Collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, the business community, and public organisations to support the development of companies in new fields. This was a guiding principle when the Foundation for Collaboration between the Universities in Uppsala, Business, and the Public Sector – ‘STUNS’ in Swedish – was formed in 1983.

The Governing Board consists of leading representatives of Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Chamber of Commerce Uppsala County, Uppsala County Administrative Board, Region Uppsala, and the City of Uppsala. By tradition, the Governor of the Province of Uppsala chairs the Board.


Strategic forum

STUNS is a meeting place and a strategic discussion forum where local and regional decision-makers from all sectors of society can come together around new opportunities and common goals.

STUNS, through its Board, plays a key role as an initiator of projects and other commitments that do not naturally fall under the domain of any single founder and that benefit from broad support.


Benefits of collaboration for all parties

STUNS was one of the first organisations in Sweden designed to bring the benefits of collaboration to all parties at the intersection of research, enterprise, and administration.

STUNS brings added value that cannot be achieved in any other way, both to the universities’ missions of education, research, and outreach to the wider community and to what is normally carried out in business and the public sector.

Innovation support